10 Myths About Lipcare

10 Myths About Lipcare

10 myths about lipcare

Can lip care be addictive? Does it really dry the lips out? We’re here to lift the lid on 10 of the most common myths about lips and lip care!

Myth #1: Lips don’t need any lip care at all

This myth is easy to disprove as the lips do not have any sebaceous or sweat glands of their own. This means they cannot produce their own protective sebum. Lip care protects the lips against environmental influences such as cold and heat, while providing moisture. When you apply lip care, you prevent your lips from drying out, leaving them feeling fresh and smooth and looking great too. So be kind to your lips and always keep some Labello lip care handy in your pocket. Find out more about the structure and features of your lips in our article “The anatomy of the lips”.

Myth #2: Lips don’t burn in the sun

That’s nonsense! In fact, your lips are very likely to burn in the sun as they contain almost no melanin. This natural skin pigment is vital because it filters out dangerous UV rays from the sun’s radiation. Whether you’re basking in the sun or staying cool in the shade, always ensure you use lip care with an SPF – even when you’re up in the snowy mountains. You need to be particularly careful when out enjoying winter sports, as the snow reflects the sun’s rays and intensifies their effect. Protect your lips against this double exposure! Labello SUN Protect with SPF 30 effectively protects your lips against UVA and UVB rays. The heat-resistant and waterproof formula with natural oils and shea butter offers perfect protection against intensive solar radiation.

Myth #3: Lip care makes the lips dry out more quickly

This is also false. As mentioned above, our lips cannot produce any protective sebum themselves, which means protection must be applied externally. Lip care provides the necessary moisture, which would otherwise be lacking. When you apply lip care regularly, the lips do not get accustomed to it. If your lips are chapped or dry, most of the time it is due to the weather or stress. Equally, an unhealthy diet can mean you’re lacking important vitamins – such as Vitamins E, C and Pro-Vitamin B5. If your lips are extra-dry, we recommend Labello Med Repair. The formula with dexpanthenol and Vitamin E relieves damaged lips and helps them to repair, making the lips soft and smooth again.

Myth #4: Lip care is addictive

There is no truth in this myth either! The skin on the lips is distinguished by a very thin layer with no sweat glands at all. The lips’ moisture comes mainly from saliva. As there are rarely any sebaceous glands, the surface of the lips is practically sebum-free. This makes it very prone to drying out, particularly in cold and dry weather. The primary role of lip care products is to prevent the lips from drying out and chapping. How often you should apply lip balm depends entirely on the condition of your lips and has nothing to do with ‘addiction’. Most people simply feel better when they take care of their lips. They want to maintain this pleasant feeling at all times, so they choose to use lip care regularly.

Myth #5: Lip care can't expire

All skin care products have an expiration date that should be observed. When unopened, lip balms keep for around 30 months, but they should be used within 12 months after opening. You can find this information on the lip balm packaging – a symbol showing an open tin and specifying 12 M tells you how long the lip balm should keep after the first use. Although they often keep for significantly longer, it’s best to keep them for your collection rather than risking it.

Myth #6: Lip care encourages cold sores

That’s nonsense! However, swollen lips and cold sores can often be traced back to an intolerance to lip care products or certain ingredients. If this is the case, you should consult a dermatologist, who will be able to take a closer look.

Myth #7: Labello lip care contains animal-based ingredients

Labello lip balms and lip butters contain beeswax which is derived from honeycomb. No other animal-related ingredients are used. To create our products, we work solely with raw ingredients which meet cosmetic regulations and have been tested and qualified according to legal requirements. In addition, all products are dermatologically tested and approved.

Myth #8: Lipstick is a replacement for lip care

Wrong! Lipsticks don’t have any of the caring ingredients contained in lip balms. Although they are mainly created from oils and waxes, which form a protective film over the lips, they lack the vitamins and antioxidants to restore and rehydrate lips. Lipsticks contain high amounts of pigment to provide long-lasting colour to the lips, which can actually reduce the protective film. What’s more, lipsticks do not always contain an SPF and therefore don’t protect the lips from sunburn. But this doesn’t mean you should ditch the lipstick completely! 
To compensate, apply lip balm before putting on your makeup. You can get additional sun protection by applying Labello Sun as a base beneath your lipstick. Lipstick isn’t the only way to add depth and dimension. There are also lip balms that add a beautiful hint of colour to your lips. If you prefer soft red lips, you’ll love Labello Fruity Shine Cherry with its shimmery pigments. It keeps the lips’ moisture while promoting a gorgeous shine!

Myth #9: Children should avoid lip care

Wrong again! Children’s lips are particularly sensitive and thin, as they have yet to develop fully. What’s more, children love to spend a lot of time outdoors no matter how cold and windy it may be. On top of this, children like to lick their lips, which can swiftly lead to lip eczema. That’s why lip care is just as important for children.

Myth #10: Men don’t need their own lip care

Oh yes they do! Men’s lips are just as thin as women’s. They are only made up of three to five layers of skin, which are easily damaged. Like women’s, men’s lips lack sweat and sebaceous glands for producing protective sebum. As a result, men’s lips are also at the mercy of the heat, cold and sun. Unfortunately, many men see lip care as unmanly – but it certainly is not! Women much prefer kissing soft lips over rough ones. So men’s lips need vitamins, antioxidants and nourishing ingredients too. Discover the best ways for men to care for their lips in our “Grooming Guide: Lip Service”.

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