Lip trends for spring

Lip trends for spring

Lip trends for spring

Springtime is when colour returns to our lives. Berry red, coral and baby pink – these shades are guaranteed to make your lips look radiant! But if you’re not in the mood for statement lips, you can use natural shades to bring a vernal freshness back to your face. Discover the latest lip trends that await you this spring.

Seductive berry red

It’s a well-known fact that red lips are there to be kissed – and are particularly attractive to men. This is because women’s lips are naturally redder when they are in their fertile years than in all other stages of life. That’s why berry red has such a seductive effect on your partner. For soft and sensual red lips, try Labello Strawberry Shine. But watch out! Don’t underestimate the power berry-red lips will give you over your admirer.

Bright coral

It may take a little courage, but wearing this shade will make you ooze confidence. Coral lips will brighten up your skin and draw attention to your lips. Give it a try with Labello Peach Shine! A little tip: coral-coloured lips look their best when paired with a white outfit.

Pretty in baby pink

Rosy times are ahead with the baby-pink lip trend. This shade is guaranteed to give you a sweet and kissable smile, particularly if you have a light complexion.Find out exactly what we mean with Labello Care & Colour Rosé.

Springtime nude

Back when the nude lip trend first emerged, people were initially very sceptical about whether this look was suitable for every day or should be confined to the catwalk. After all, what’s the sense in putting on makeup just to look as though you’ve gone makeup-free? The answer is obvious: nude lips give you a ‘new and improved’ look, which makes your complexion look radiant without overdoing it. This is why the nude look has won over so many hearts. Labello Care & Colour Nude helps you emphasise the natural beauty of your lips.

Simple shine

If you don’t fancy adding colour, you can still freshen up your lips with a little gloss. If you find classic lip gloss too sticky, give Labello Original a try. Lip gloss can give you full lips, while making them look more kissable. So, what are you waiting for? Get your gloss on!

There is a world of possibilities when it comes to caring for your lips

As you can see, there are a wide range of brightly-coloured and natural lip trends to perfectly suit your springtime mood. And if you really can’t decide, always remember there is one trend that will never go out of fashion – soft, well-cared for natural lips. Because a perfectly kissable pout needs lots of care and moisture! Even the driest of lips deserve long-lasting smoothness. Let Labello Hydro Care make sure that nothing stands in the way of you getting your smooch on this spring!