Lip care: How to keep lips healthy

Lip care: How to keep lips healthy

Lip care - how to keep lips healthy

Lips need proper care on a regular basis to stay smooth. Having a good lip care routine and always keeping your lips hydrated can leave them looking beautiful and feeling much healthier.

The secret ingredient to smooth lips: Lip balm

Lip balm is a saviour for dry or cracked lips. When applied regularly, it keeps them nourished and feeling great.

What is lip balm and why is it so important?

The skin on our lips is much thinner and more delicate than the rest of the skin on our faces. This makes it much more susceptible to environmental factors, such as temperature, low humidity and other influences. These factors can leave lips dry, flaky and cracked, which can be very uncomfortable.

Finding the right lip balm to suit your lips and applying it several times a day can prevent lips getting to the stage that they feel dry and uncomfortable. Keeping a good lip balm in your handbag at all times will ensure your lips are kept moisturised, whatever the weather may be.

As well as their nourishing power, lip balms also act as a protective layer, keeping away the damaging effects on the elements by sealing the area. 

4 benefits of applying lip balm regularly

  •    No more flaking – lip balm instantly alleviates flakes on the lips
  •    Lipstick will go on much smoother and look better
  •    Any cracks will disappear faster if the area is kept moist
  •    It’ll keep you looking younger – hydrated lips can knock years off your age

Add a bit of colour

Certain NIVEA lip balm products like Labello Blackberry Shine the provide the lips with a touch of colour as they nourish. This tint is perfect for days when you fancy skipping the lipstick, but still want to look effortlessly beautiful. 

Lip balms uncovered: All you need to know about lip balms

Lip balm has some unusual uses that you may be unaware of, but it’s important not to believe all of the myths too

SPF: Why it’s important to protect your lips from the sun

A lot of people neglect to think about their lips when it comes to their sun care routine. In fact, the lips are very susceptible to damage from the sun, because the skin on them is so thin and delicate. Not only that, but because our lips are exposed to so much when we eat and drink throughout the day, it’s essential to keep reapplying sun protection to ensure you’re always covered.

Use a Labello lip balm with sun protection like Labello Sun Protect SPF30 to keep your lips protected and moisturised while you’re out and about enjoying the sun.

Lip balm doesn’t just have to be for lips

Most lip balms have lots of uses, making them very versatile products. Due to their texture and the fact that they contain natural and very moisturising ingredients, they’re great for so much more than just lip care.

Can I become addicted to lip balm?

This is a myth. Your lips cannot become addicted to anything and lip balm ingredients do not dry out your lips further to make it difficult for you to stop using them. If you are experiencing excessive dryness, check with your GP, as there could be an underlying cause.

Are my chapped lips contagious?

This is a myth. Chapped lips are not contagious in any way and are the result of environmental factors, such as the extreme cold and low humidity. One way to prevent dry lips is by practising good lip care.