All about Labello

Discover more about the Labello brand. Labello is a lip balm company that has been successfully keeping women’s lips looking beautiful and smooth since 1909, but what’s really behind this company’s success?

The story behind Labello

Labello is a lip care brand and, like NIVEA, one of the traditional brands owned by Beiersdorf AG, trading all over the world.

Labello: A global market leader with a great heritage

The Labello brand was first founded in 1909, two years after Dr. Oscar Troplowitz discovered the wonderful concept of lip balm. In 1911, Labello invented the slider tin case packaging – an exciting innovation at that time. This was then replaced by an aluminum case in 1922 to make it easier for carrying around.

By the 1930s, Labello was available in more than 30 countries worldwide and was advertising their new caring lip balms to consumers. Later in 1953, the casing was replaced by a plastic slider casing, giving it a more modern appearance. This went on to become a more innovative turning case in the 1960s like the one we know today.

The late 1970s saw SPF and soothing agent added to the lip balms, followed by chamomile in 1984. The following year, Labello Rosé was introduced to give girls the first caring pink lip colour.

The 1990s and 2000s were very exciting years for Labello and saw lots of new innovations released. Today, Labello is the most used lip care product in the world!

The name Labello is derived from two Latin words: “labium” (lip) and “bellus” (beautiful). This is a perfect representation of the Labello goal – to give you beautiful lips!

What does Labello actually mean?

Labello: A brand for the happy times

The Labello brand is all about being happy and sharing this positivity with the people around you. It’s about those little moments in life that make you smile and feel thankful.

100 years of Labello!

Back in 2009, Labello turned 100 years old. That’s 100 years of experience in the lip care industry – keeping lips looking beautiful all over the world. Here’s to the next 100 years!

What Labello products are on offer?

Labello has a wide range of lip care products available, including lip balms and lip butters.

The best Labello products for smooth lips

There’s a perfect Labello product for every occasion.

The care range offers lip balms like Labello Lip Balm Med Repair, especially for caring for and protecting dry and chapped lips.

Looking for something with a bit more zest? The flavoured range contains a lot of fresh and unique flavours like Labello Cherry Shine to bring your lips to life.

What’s more, Labello for Men Active Care was developed specifically for men and doesn’t leave any shine or colour on the lips – simply protects and moisturises!

Labello accompanies you during those unique moments: enjoying a kiss with that special someone, that uncontainable smile when everything turns out just right, and when you can’t help but sing along to your favourite song. 

Can I get addicted to Labello?

We’re happy to say that it isn’t possible to become addicted to Labello products and your lips won’t dry out if you stop using them.