Lip balm benefits

Lip balm benefits


Enjoy a brighter smile with Labello lip balm. A smile really can light up the room – that’s why it’s essential to take care of your lips with a great lip care routine.

Why is it important to smile?

A beaming smile can help to boost your mood and benefit your health – discover why smiling is always a good idea.

Why grinning can be good for you

Smiling and positivity can have a huge effect on your health and well-being. Research has shown that that when you smile and laugh, a number of changes take place in your body that may benefit your physical health.

Firstly, endorphins are released. Endorphins are chemicals produced by our brain that put us on an instant high. The more these chemicals are released, the happier and more relaxed we feel.

Furthermore, studies have shown that smiling can even strengthen your immune system, as your body produces more white blood cells than usual, which help to fight infections and illnesses. Who knew a simple facial expression could be so powerful?

5 wonderful benefits of smiling

Lower levels of stress and anxiety

If you’re the kind of person that tends to stress out about things, sometimes a simple smile can help you to feel calmer. Studies have shown that smiling can lower your heart rate when you’re feeling anxious and if that’s not a reason to grin, we don’t know what is!

A confidence boost

A beaming smile can make you feel more comfortable and confident in situations you may not be familiar with. Furthermore, you’ll also appear more confident to those around you – so turn that frown upside-down!

It can be contagious

Ever seen somebody in fits of laughter and found yourself starting to laugh along with them? Smiling’s the same. When you smile, you encourage others to do the same – and who doesn’t want to live in a world full of smiley, happy people?

You become more approachable to others

A positive facial expression can make you seem friendlier and more trustworthy, making others more likely to try and engage with you. This can make all the difference when you’re feeling lonely in a room full of people.

It could benefit your career

Aiming for a promotion at work? Studies have shown that smiling may be the key to success in the workplace. It shows confidence and the ability to deal with different people and difficult situations, so stay positive and success could be just a smile away.

The easy way to look more attractive: Slap on a smile

Studies have shown that people that are smiling are more attractive to others than those with a neutral expression. This is likely to be down to the fact that a positive expression suggests you’re easy-going and have a friendly manner. 

Labello lip balm: The best way to brighten your smile

Find out how keeping your lips moisturised with Labello lip balm can keep them looking healthy and smooth.

How can Labello products benefit your smile?

You can’t have a beaming, healthy-looking smile without moisturised and supple lips. If you don’t have a thorough lip care routine, your lips could end up chapped and flaky. Simply find the best lip balm for you and apply it regularly to keep that grin firmly on your face.

If you’re looking for an intensively moisturising product for cooler weather, which won’t leave any colour on your lips, Labello Hydro Care Lip Balm could be the perfect solution.

If, on the other hand, you prefer your lips to have a hint of colour and shine, you’ll love Labello Cherry Shine Lip Balm. This product prettifies the lips with a soft, glossy colour and a rich cherry aroma – for a bright and shining smile!

Your smile needs sun protection too – don’t forget to use SPF

A good SPF is essential to having smooth and healthy looking lips. Labello Sun Protect Lip Balm contains SPF 30 and will provide lips with immediate protection against UV rays, whilst keeping them hydrated and smooth.

5 tips for applying your Labello lip balm the right way

  • Make sure your fingers are clean before applying a lip butter to avoid spreading germs
  • If you find it helpful, use a mirror to apply
  • Press your lips together and gently rub them against each other after applying to ensure an even application
  • Reapply after eating and drinking to ensure you’re moisturised at all times
  • Keep a Labello lip balm in your handbag at all times to stay prepared