Labello original

Labello Original: Classic lip care

The history and benefits of Labello Original

Women have been enjoying smooth, healthy-looking lips over 100 years thanks to the wonderfully caring Labello Original formula.

When was Labello Original invented?

The Labello brand was established in 1909 after Dr Oscar Troplowitz invented the caring lip balm two years previously. Initially, Labello products were only introduced in Germany, Austria-Hungary and Switzerland.

For the first two years, lip balms were sold unpackaged and simply wrapped in tin foil, but in 1911 the packaging was redesigned. From then on, Labello Original came in an innovative slider tin case, which allowed you to push on the bottom to get the lip balm out.

In 1914, Labello expanded to serve other European countries such as Denmark, the UK, Italy and the Netherlands. By the 1930s, it grew further in popularity and was available in more than 30 countries all over the world.

Another big change came in 1953 when the metal casing was replaced by a lighter and more modern plastic slider casing, similar to the one we use today. The Labello brand has continued to go from strength to strength ever since.

Truly iconic lip care

For years Labello Original has been seen as the go-to lip care range for smooth lips that look and feel healthy. Years of research and development mean that Labello lip products are trusted by women all around the world.

New design & new formula

The iconic Labello Original underwent a redesign in 2015 and now has its most hydrating formula yet.

1973: The iconic blue lip care format

1973 was the year in which Labello first appeared in the classic blue casing that we all recognise today. This blue and white design has become synonymous with trust, simplicity and care.

The Labello brand continued to soar in popularity and throughout the 1970s other lip products were added to the range, including Labello Lip Balm Med Repair and Labello Lip Balm Sun Protect.

2009: Labello celebrates its 100th anniversary

2009 was a momentous year for Labello, as it celebrated 100 years of its great success story. That’s a century of being one of the best in lip care and keeping the world’s lips soft and kissable.

2015: A change for the better

The Labello packaging was subject to a complete revamp in 2015 to make it simpler and more visually appealing. Alongside the redesign, more panthenol has been added to the Labello Original formula to give it an even more moisturising effect.

What makes Labello Original so special?

Today Labello is the market leader in lip care in Germany* and many other countries worldwide, and around 160 million Labello lip balm sticks are sold every year**.

The skin on our lips is thin and sensitive. Day-to-day factors like cold weather, eating and drinking can cause lips to dry out and even leave them feeling chapped and sore. That's where Labello's century of lip care experience comes in. Labello Lip Balm Original has a special formula that forms a protective barrier as it moisturises to keep lips looking healthy no matter what you're doing.

5 lip care benefits of Labello Lip Balm Original

  • Provides long-lasting moisture and intensive care
  • Protects your lips against drying out
  • Leaves no colour on the lips
  • The formula with shea butter gives extra nourishment
  • Leaves lips feeling soft and smooth


* Source: Nielsen, May 2016, Lip global market shares
** Source: B.One, 2015, Net Sales